Cross-Build for Android



The following steps are exactly the same for every CodeTyphon host-OS ( Windows, Linux)


1. Download Android Toolchains

Download with CodeTyphon Center from our server Target Android toolchain

xandroid 1



2. Download Android OS libraries

xandroid 2



3. Build FPC Cross Android element

Build FreePascal 32bits-> Cross element arm-android or Cross element i386-android

xandroid 3


xandroid 4



4. Setup your Project Libraries

xandroid 5



xandroid 6


xandroid 7



5. Setup your Project CPU and OS

Select Target OS=Android and Target CPU=arm in application "Config and Target" page

xandroid 8



6. Setup your Project Platform

Select LCLWidgetType=customdrawn in application "Additions and Overrides" page.

NOTE: Only CodeTyphon "CustomDrawn" Platform, support Android OS

xandroid 10



7. Setup your Project Debug Info

Uncheck " Generate debugging info..."  in application "Debugging" page
Debug information is not useful in Android and makes your executable much bigger

xandroid 9



8. Finally build your project

xandroid 11


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