Cross-Build for WinCE


Our target is to build a project for Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional.

At this demonstration we use as host Operating System, the Windows 7 64bit, with classic theme for better screenshots.

This procedure works with the same way for all Win32 or Win64 Layers Operating Systems.


1. Prepare Your PC

Download from Microsoft Web Site the WM6.5 Emulator (here download1 )

cross emu1.zoom49


cross emu2.zoom45


Install the emulator

cross emu3.zoom55


2. Prepare CodeTyphon Studio

Build Lazarus32 Element for arm-Wince
Only for 64bit Windows, switch first from CodeTyphon Center to lazarus32 IDE.
From CodeTyphon Center select "Cross-Build->FreePascal 32bits->FPC32 build cross element arm-wince"

cross wince1

wait to finish the CodeTyphon script...

After the end of script the "Cross element for arm-WinCE" is at Status Tab

cross wince3


3. Configure your Application

Open Lazarus32 IDE and make a new Project.
Set to project1 compiler options
Target OS: WinCE
Target CPU family: arm

cross wince4.zoom65

Set LCLWidgetType to WinCE

cross wince5.zoom63

build only and save project1 to a directory, for us to C:\LazarusTemp.

Start emulator..

cross wince7.zoom68

Set to Emulator Shared folder the folder of  Project1.exe.

cross wince8.zoom72

Open the "File Explorer" application to emulator.

cross wince9.zoom66

Now the emulator "Storage Card" looks direct to our project1.exe folder.

cross wince10.zoom52

Build  project1.exe from lazarus32 IDE and Run Project1.exe from emulator.

cross wince11.zoom64

Yes, the circle is from CodeTyphon pl_Shape package !!!


Strip WinCE Project

cross wince12.zoom60

Build size: 11Mbytes
with Strip : 1.8Mbytes


Strip and UPX WinCE Project

cross wince13.zoom52

Build size: 11Mbytes
with Strip : 1.8Mbytes
with Strip and UPX: 630Kbytes.