LAMW External Tools




This procedure is only for Windows 10 64bit or Windows 11 64bit.
This procedure request minimum about 30 GBytes  free disk space.
This procedure support only CT ver 8.30 and above.


For this tutorial we user Drive D: to setup LAMW needed Java Tools.
You can use any other drive you want.
The "one directory" that we propose in this tutorial, it's NOT mandatory.



1. Java Tools

 LAMW for CodeTyphon Studio need some external tools to work

  • JAVA JDK 21
  • Android Studio
  • Gradle
  • Apache Ant

All these are tools from Java programming world.



2. Download JAVA JDK 21

To download JAVA JDK 21 you need an Oracle Account

Go to


1) Select Java 21 for Windows

2) Download jdk-21_windows-x64_bin.exe or a newest file.



3. Download Android Studio

Go to

Download No .exe installer or a newest file.



4. Download Gradle

Go to


  Download binary-only, or a newest gradle-8.5.x file.



5. Download Apache Ant

Go to

  Download or a newest file.



6. Setup Tools Directory

On a hard disk with 30 GB Plus free space, create directory "Android".
in this directory Create directory "sdk"

Copy all above files to the new directory "Android".

1) Install jdk-21_windows-x64_bin.exe to your PC

2) Unzip all other tools files.

3) Remove ALL tools downloaded files.


Go to D:\Android\android-studio\bin\ directory


 Make a shortcut of studio64.exe to your desktop.