is the port of Lape library to CodeTyphon Studio.

Lape is a scripting engine with a Pascal derived syntax. It's written with speed and a broad platform compatibility in mind. The syntax is backwards compatible with Pascal Script (to a certain degree).

Lape is:

  • A scripting engine
  • A Pascal derived language
    • Basetypes: Integer, Float, Char, String, Boolean, Variant, Array, Record, Union, Enum, Set, Pointer, Function pointer
    • Operations: := = <> > >= < <= @ ^ + - * / ** AND OR DIV XOR NOT IN SHL SHR
    • Constructs: If, For, Case, Repeat, While, Try, Label
    • Internal and external (overloaded) functions (with support for default params)
    • Internal/external variables and constants (every variable is represented exactly as how it would be by FPC/Delphi)
    • Support for local (nested) declarations. So function can have their own constants/types/variables/functions.
  • Portable
    • Fully written in FPC/Delphi. No need for external libraries.
    • Tested with Linux(x86/x64), Windows(x86/x64) and Mac OS, but supports virtually every platform FPC supports.
  • Extensible
    • New types can easily be added with specified behaviour for operations.
    • Optional foreign function interface which allows native calling of Lape functions and importing of functions without creating wrappers.
  • Fast



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