Greyhound is a tiny ORM-ish for CodeTyphon Studio.


  • It will help you with a thin layer to read/write data in a DBMS, but don't trying to simulate a pure object model;
  • It use SQL as query language and does not try to create a complex abstraction between objects and tables;
  • It implements relationship between tables using "Links" property (1-n, n-1, m-n... whatever you want);
  • It implements constraints for tables (default, check and unique);
  • It was inspired in ActiveRecord pattern;
  • It allows developers to have greater control of SQL rather than relying on the framework to generate it automatically;
  • It has easy transaction support;
  • It has the ability to add support for other databases libraries like SQLdb (default), ZEOS or whatever you want;
  • It works with IDENTITY columns (AutoInc) automatic and Sequence values (generators);


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