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8 years 1 month ago - 8 years 1 month ago #4412 by gulyone
THE Real OPTIMIZED IDE was created by gulyone
this is my way to install a really optimized TyphonIDE on my computerS under windows 7 and Ubuntu 12 =

A ) Follow the normal Typhon INSTALL ALL procedure

1) Open CT Center

2) on the tools tab, open settings editor

3) edit FPC32 fpc.cfg AND FPC64 fpc.cfg as follow =>
# For a release compile with optimizes and strip debuginfo
  #WRITE Compiling Release Version

Dont forget to Save the files ! (click on floppy icon)

4) close the settings editor go back to CT Center

5) DO Free Pascal > FPC32 Build Compiler AND then Free Pascal FPC64 Build Compiler

6) close CT Center

B ) for each built IDE (typhon32 and typhon64 on windows) do as follow :

1) launch the IDE, use menu "Tools" >> "Configure build Typhon"

2) replace the "-g-" in the options field by "-O3 -g- -OoCSE -OoSTACKFRAME -OoREGVAR -OoTAILREC"

3) select the "Clean all" switch

4) Check the "Switch after building to automatically" mark

5) click the "Build" button and wait until the IDE will restart !

IMPORTANT : under windows the build process will complain that multiple units have the same name (actually DIRECTX9 support unit from pl_ORCA and pl_Win_DirectX packages) , JUST click ignore and continue the build process !


following these steps , if you get a look in the folders were typhon IDE's binaries are, you will notice the size of BigIDE has decrease from around 1000 - 1500KB and typhon still works fine !

Hope this trick is usefull...

in case of you experience any problem (and i dont B) neither on windows and linux ), you just have to remove all and reinstall all from CT Center
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