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8-9 6:47:42 Sternas Stefanos We release LAB CT ver 7.6 Revision 7520
Have fun
7-19 20:02:03 Sternas Stefanos Sorry Sir, we don't have so old CT versions in our Servers.
7-19 9:11:27 Bogdan Tsimbalyuk Hi! You can link to the old version of codetyphon 5.80. We urgently need to work. You are welcome.
7-1 18:06:57 Sternas Stefanos We release CodeTyphon 7.50 Final
Have fun....
6-17 7:00:13 Matis A. We release LAB CodeTyphon Studio ver 7.50 Revision 007450
Please, test, report and suggest.
6-12 9:54:20 Inferno OK I found the cause and it is not related to CT version.
6-11 14:42:27 Inferno Hi all! After installing v7.4 each time I modify anyting in GUI (add/remove any componnet on form) I get Access Violation error. Any idea?
6-6 16:40:20 Sternas Stefanos We release Ultra Web Server (UWS) version 3.9
Please test and report
6-6 5:40:58 Sternas Stefanos We release CodeTyphon Studio LAB ver 7.50 Revision 007440
Please test, report, suggest
and always have fun
5-23 17:01:10 Sternas Stefanos Sir
we make our decision, after big brain-storming here in our LAB.
The last LAB “picture” of PascalScada pkg it was so bad.
We call it “No Proper Development Quality” in our LAB.
Why don't you send an email to PascalScada developer to support and CT?
5-23 12:56:01 Marco Pinero I was using PascalScada very much. It's a shame to get it out. I'll continue using older CT versions.
5-22 7:23:19 Sternas Stefanos No Sir, please post to our forum for help
5-21 23:09:34 Javier Ir looks TChar is not longer available in versión 7.40, am I right?
5-21 23:07:43 Javier Hi, it looks like Tchart is not longer available in 7.40 versión
5-10 8:29:59 Javor OS: Windows 10
CT Version: 7.40
new installation
5-10 8:28:43 Javor How to fix "Fatal: (10022) Can't find unit system used by fcllaz" while trying to build IDE?
5-7 9:37:43 Sternas Stefanos We Release CodeTyphon Studio Version 7.40 FINAL
Have fun...
5-4 18:26:06 Matis A. We ADD/Update Support for OpenIndiana 2021.04
5-4 7:10:40 Matis A. We ADD/Update Support for OpenBSD ver 6.9
5-4 0:40:39 walter leonardo iñi The installation of cdetyphom is very slow.
4-30 2:42:25 Matis A. Yes Sir, CT full support Big Sur
4-29 18:46:38 Inferno Hi Matis! I woudn't be so sure about this Titanic. I think they know what they do. How about CT comaptblity with Big Sur? Will v7.4 work (on Intel of course)?
4-29 7:36:18 Matis A. Please try again
4-29 2:02:54 walter leonardo iñi the download of codetyphon is very slow and does not finish downloading.
4-29 2:02:04 walter leonardo iñi la descarga de codetyphon esta muy lenta y no termina de descargar.
4-29 2:01:35 walter leonardo iñi hola
4-28 19:02:17 Matis A. This is cross- build and it's possible
But I was write for Arm64 MacOS as Host OS.
Anyway, we think here, that Apple's big step to ARM64 it's a big "Titanic". :)
4-28 17:26:35 Inferno Apple hardware is not cheap... I mean CT running on Intel/Big Sur with target compilation for ARM64. So you should not need M1 hardware hardware to do that :)
4-28 15:59:01 Matis A. We don't have the hardware Sir
you can "donate" for this task
4-28 15:26:40 Inferno Hi all, When do you plan to implement support for macOS Big Sur and ARM64 architecture?
4-27 17:56:49 Matis A. Fedora 34 in our LAB for tests...
4-23 15:08:57 Matis A. We release Ultra Web Server (UWS) version 3.8
Please test and report
4-22 18:15:58 Matis A. Ubuntu 21.04 in our LAB for tests...
4-16 19:20:12 Matis A. We release LAB CT Ver 7.40 Revision 007370
Please test, report,
and always Have Fun
4-16 10:24:46 Matis A. Preparing new LAB release... ETA 1-2 Days if all are OK
4-14 18:23:42 Matis A. We finish update LAB PCs to FreeBSD 13.0
3-27 10:45:58 Sternas Stefanos Please post to our forum
3-26 19:49:12 ????? thank you sir for reading
3-26 19:48:59 ????? i just need to know whrere to upload
3-26 19:48:35 ????? when install.bat is done, i will re-test and if needed i can upload demo project
3-26 19:47:46 ????? (dynamic formulars = formulars that are generated by code at runtime, not premade with designer)
3-26 19:46:52 ????? it become unpredictable
3-26 19:46:29 ????? alBottom Alignment somehow bugged aswell when creating dynamic formulars
3-26 19:45:10 ????? (currently updating to new version)
3-26 19:44:21 ????? (on windows 10 pro)
3-26 19:44:06 ????? 007340 = opening project did not open files. is that normal behavior?
3-26 17:23:00 Matis A. We release LAB CodeTyphon Studio Version 7.40 Revision 007350
please, test and report.
3-22 20:44:55 Kode Zwerg (ha! found out i can just use one {$mode}, reading help hehe)
3-22 20:43:37 Matis A. I wish the Same and for you good night.
3-22 20:42:42 Kode Zwerg wishing you best, stay healthy, goodbye
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