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3-17 15:41:50 Ozz Nixon @Matis Is possible to ask for a feature? I author two different pascal compilers, Modern Pascal (cross platform) and Turbo Pascal 32bit Clone (still produces 16bit binaries - to stay backward compatible with 7.01). I would like to have a drop down in the Settings -> Options -> Environment (so FPC settings are stored, MPC settings are stored separately, and TPC32 settings are stored separately). TPC32.EXE is 99% same as TPC.EXE, I did not implement $D and $L, everything else is there... along with support for \\ comment, \* comment *\ and supports quotation strings too "this" = 'this'; It is a 32bit app so it supports long filenames and paths, along with loading larger segments of source in RAM during compilation, still adhering to 64kb RAM. (I can supply licensed binaries if that will help in any way). (?)
3-12 10:10:02 Matis A. We release LAB CodeTyphon Studio ver 7.40, Revision 007340
please, test, report ,suggest,
and Have fun...
3-10 17:34:35 vossart How Can I download Chipmunk package ?
3-9 9:55:51 Vital My zone - Moscow (+3), but function GetLocalTimeOffset return 0/ Why?
3-2 10:59:56 Matis A. Thanks Sir, have fun
2-26 7:29:54 Jesse Soronen Awesome release thank you PilotLogic team!
2-9 9:37:01 Sternas Stefanos We release LAB CT Ver 7.40 Revision 007310
have fun..
2-5 15:01:27 Chad Adams hi
1-13 5:09:19 Matis A. We release Final CodeTyphon Version 7.30
have fun...
1-12 17:56:56 Matis A. Working on CodeTyphon 7.30 Final release...
12-27 11:21:28 Mr Game Bear encrypt what create helo word aplication android sample 1
12-23 16:44:04 Sternas Stefanos We release LAB CodeTyphon 7.30 Revision 007270
Please test and report
12-20 12:23:22 Peter Version 7.2
12-20 12:22:49 Peter Anyone has an idea what causes that ?
12-20 12:22:26 Peter Out of the blue it appeared ..
12-20 12:22:18 Peter i get this error Error: Compile package adFCL 7.2.1: Exit code 1, Errors: 1
dbf_prsdef.pas(11,71) Error: Compilation raised exception internally
12-20 12:21:22 Peter Hello there !Error: Compilation raised exception internally
12-13 14:46:25 Mauricio Abreu Hi Guys,
CT acept save file name with . ? eInterface.Model.People ?
11-22 17:38:30 Matis A. We release LAB CodeTyphon ver 7.3 Revision 007260
have fun
11-13 8:29:17 Matis A. We release UltraWebServer ver 3.6
Have fun...
11-10 19:54:53 Sternas Stefanos We finally release LAB CodeTyphon Studio ver 7.3 Revision 007250
Please test, report
and have fun...
10-29 15:43:18 Sternas Stefanos Please Sir post to our forum
10-28 20:49:30 saulo 171/5000
Hello, I implemented a visual improvement on the embedformeditor, I would like to post it for analysis, if you think it is feasible, put it in the project! Where can I send the screen shot?
10-12 17:17:24 J. M. Dias Costa Dias Costa
10-12 17:17:12 J. M. Dias Costa Than you
10-12 5:00:21 Matis A. Post to our forum guys
10-12 4:59:47 Matis A. @fredvs we will test and update
10-12 4:59:18 Matis A. Yes Sir
10-7 17:40:04 J. M. Dias Costa How can I use a port 12970 instead of the usual 5432 in Database Desktop?
Thanks in advance.
Dias Costa
10-7 17:34:49 J. M. Dias Costa Hello.
10-7 13:39:29 fredvs Last thing, I dont have any Mac to test so it is possible that it dont work of new Mac.
10-7 13:37:10 fredvs Do you have problems to make work uos for Mac?
10-7 13:36:22 fredvs Ha, strange because there are some Mac users that use it.
10-7 13:35:44 fredvs I see for uos that it is not Mac OS compatible.
10-7 13:35:06 fredvs https://www.pilotlogic.com/sitejoom/index.php/wiki.html?id=198.
10-7 13:34:58 fredvs Huh, in you nice grid of component:
10-7 13:34:21 fredvs Hello Sternas.
10-6 10:43:18 Sternas Stefanos Sir please, post to our forum
9-29 23:02:27 IVAN GERARDO TORRES Good day:
I have typhon 64 ver installed. 5.6 in Linux Centos 7 and I have developed an application.
How do I compile it for 32-bit Linux?
9-20 15:50:09 Sternas Stefanos We release UltraWebServer ver 3.5
have fun
9-16 6:36:43 Matis A. Sir please, post to our Forum
9-15 18:54:17 Eduardo Peña Parede somebody can showme where is te DATASET component for use in database, pleaaaseeee
9-15 18:53:48 Eduardo Peña Parede hellloooo
9-12 9:10:29 Sternas Stefanos Sir please, post to our Forum
9-9 16:24:21 Eduardo Peña Parede i live in Mexico and install typhon on macos catalina but a can´t rebuild to windows
9-9 16:23:38 Eduardo Peña Parede Hellooooo, pleaaaaseeeee someone help meeee
9-2 15:01:25 Sternas Stefanos We release CodeTyphon Studio Ver 7.20 Final
have fun
8-20 20:49:35 Matis A. We release LAB CodeTyphon ver 7.20 Revision 007180
have fun...
8-14 5:03:40 Sternas Stefanos Please Sir, post to our forum
8-14 1:54:21 cemo Hello, I am a student studying Pascal language. I'd like to make an Android apk file using a code typhon. Project1 file was created through https://www.pilotlogic.com/sitejoom/index.php/93-wiki/ct-tutorials/222-cross-build-for-android.html. But I have no idea what's next. If anyone knows the solution, please help me.:_(
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