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9-4 15:11:36 Sternas Stefanos We release Ultra Web Server (UWS) version 5.3
Have fun....
9-3 14:55:57 Sternas Stefanos We release CodeTyphon Studio Ver 8.20 Final.
Have fun.
8-13 1:37:39 Javier Hi, I am trying to intall CT version 8.10 And I get this error: "Windows could not find the file binBase\x86_64-win64\pshortcut.exe" Could you help me ?
8-13 1:33:32 Javier Hi
8-9 15:31:26 Sternas Stefanos Please, try again
8-7 20:42:15 Nikola Stojkovic The reason I'm asking is that the maximum download speed I'm getting seems to be capped at ~120KBps. I tried 500Mbps fiber, 5G router, 4G mobile hotspot, getting the same ?
8-7 20:39:43 Nikola Stojkovic Hey, all! Are there any download mirrors for the CT?
8-6 18:07:43 Sternas Stefanos We release LAB CodeTyphon Studio Ver 8.20 Revision 008150
please, test and report
7-28 1:39:09 Matis A. Please post to our forum
only the errors, NO source code
7-27 15:40:53 Angelo Mangiaracina Reagrads
7-27 15:40:49 Angelo Mangiaracina Now I would ask to you if could be available to help me to remove these some little bugs.
7-27 15:39:49 Angelo Mangiaracina Hi, I have a problem to submit to you. I have a regural licence of unidac with sources, when try to compile ad install the packages with codetyphon I get some errors and cannot go further. I asked to devart if they was available to help me to solve the problem, but they answered taht only give support foe lazarus.
7-7 15:22:50 Matis A. We release LAB CodeTyphon ver 8.20 revision 008120
Please, test, report or suggest and
have fun.
7-5 17:40:59 Matis A. It's NOT
7-3 11:35:04 Premysl Beran I came from vacation, and it is still not working for me. :_( I tried https://www.pilotlogic.com/codetyphon/changeslog.txt with the same 404 Error message.
6-16 17:18:38 Matis A. All OK here
6-16 9:35:05 Premysl Beran The link to the changelog for CT doesn't work -> The requested URL /codetyphon/changeslog.txt was not found on this server.
6-3 6:46:20 Sternas Stefanos We release CodeTyphon Final version 8.10
Have fun.
5-19 15:56:11 Sternas Stefanos We release Ultra Web Server (UWS) version 5.2
have fun...
5-2 19:08:58 Cuneyt ello, is there someone in chat?
5-2 1:19:34 Sternas Stefanos We release LAB CodeTyphon ver 8.10 revision 008070
Please, test, report or suggest and
have fun.
4-21 17:36:37 Matis A. Chat is only for Real-Time support, it's better to use our forum...
4-18 20:21:53 MAURO VENTURA hello, is there someone in chat?
4-18 20:20:01 MAURO VENTURA what does it means a call to java system??
4-18 20:18:33 MAURO VENTURA what does it means in verbose install messages : Makefile:135: *** Compiler C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.8.0_341/bin.exe not found. Stop.
4-18 20:17:20 MAURO VENTURA problems to install last release of codetyphoon. .. Typhoon IDE is not installing so that freepascal..
4-9 15:41:30 Sternas Stefanos We release LAB CodeTyphon ver 8.10 revision 008060
Please, test, report or suggest and
have fun.
3-13 21:28:22 Donald Montaine Connection seems OK now
3-13 15:48:41 Donald Montaine Getting constant web timeouts trying to download upgrade to 8.1
2-18 16:08:26 Sternas Stefanos We release Ultra Web Server (UWS) version 5.1
Have fun
2-12 15:24:12 Matis A. Sorry, but we don't have so old CT version in our web server
2-10 9:49:34 Pierluigi Filippone Wasn't now in my plane to update my program
2-10 9:48:46 Pierluigi Filippone Problem wirth my library
2-10 9:48:37 Pierluigi Filippone Problem with Mormot
2-10 9:48:28 Pierluigi Filippone I need to make a small change to a old application, but I can't use new version.
2-10 9:47:55 Pierluigi Filippone is possible to download CodeTyphion 5.9
2-10 9:46:45 Pierluigi Filippone Hi,
1-4 17:06:29 Sternas Stefanos We release CodeTyphon ver 8.00 Final
Have fun...
12-11 15:16:13 Sternas Stefanos We release Ultra Web Server (UWS) version 5.0
have fun.
11-29 8:10:32 Sternas Stefanos We release LAB CodeTyphon ver 8.00 Revision 007960
Please test, report, and
always Have fun....
10-24 14:26:33 Sternas Stefanos We release LAB CodeTyphon Studio ver 8.00
Please, test, report, suggest and
have fun
9-11 18:56:43 Sternas Stefanos We release CodeTyphon Studio ver 7.90 Final
have fun.
9-10 8:40:07 Sternas Stefanos We release Ultra Web Server (UWS) version 4.9, have fun...
8-3 8:49:12 Sternas Stefanos We release Ultra Web Server (UWS) version 4.8
have fun...
7-31 17:33:19 Matis A. We release LAB CodeTyphon version 7.90 Revision 007860
Please test and report.
7-20 13:54:51 Sternas Stefanos We scan ALL CT files before any Release
7-20 13:54:16 Sternas Stefanos aarch64-linux.7z has only Linux exacutables
7-20 13:53:56 Sternas Stefanos I thnk it's false alarm
7-20 7:43:01 Libaud I've downloded the 7.80 release and made a control with clamav.
So I've found that :

CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binfpc/aarch64-linux.7z: Unix.Trojan.Mirai-9936831-0 FOUND

the complete log here :CodeTyphonIns/installbin/setup.sh: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/setup.bat: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/changeslog.txt: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/bingcc/gcc-mingw32.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/bingcc/CrossEng.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/bingcc/gcc-mingw64.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binCenter.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binqt/qt4-x86_64-darwin.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binqt/qt4-arm-linux.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binqt/qt5-i386-linux.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binqt/qt4-x86_64-linux.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binqt/qt4-x86_64-freebsd.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binqt/qt4-aarch64-linux.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binqt/qt5-x86_64-freebsd.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binqt/qt5-x86_64-linux.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binqt/qt5-aarch64-linux.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binqt/qt4-i386-linux.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binqt/qt5-x86_64-dragonfly.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binqt/qt4-i386-win32.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binqt/qt5-arm-linux.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binqt/qt5-x86_64-netbsd.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binqt/qt5-x86_64-darwin.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binqt/qt4-x86_64-win64.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binRuntimes.7z.001: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binsettings.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binlldb/lldb-win64.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binlldb/lldb-win32.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binfpc/arm-linux_bootstrap.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binfpc/x86_64-freebsd.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binfpc/x86_64-win64_bootstrap.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binfpc/i386-netbsd_bootstrap.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binfpc/i386-freebsd.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binfpc/i386-darwin.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binfpc/x86_64-win64.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binfpc/x86_64-solaris_bootstrap.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binfpc/x86_64-solaris.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binfpc/aarch64-linux_bootstrap.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binfpc/aarch64-freebsd.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binfpc/x86_64-darwin.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binfpc/x86_64-dragonfly_bootstrap.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binfpc/i386-freebsd_bootstrap.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binfpc/x86_64-darwin_bootstrap.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binfpc/aarch64-freebsd_bootstrap.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binfpc/i386-darwin_bootstrap.7z: OK
CodeTyphonIns/installbin/allzips/binfpc/i386-win32.7z: OK
7-20 7:41:43 Libaud Hi,
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