It's a fork of Platform eXtended Library (PXL) for CodeTyphon Studio.

Platform eXtended Library (PXL) is a cross-platform framework for developing 2D/3D video games, interactive and scientific applications.
It aids the developer with mathematics, hardware control, resource management, displaying real-time graphics and text, handle user input and network communication capabilities.

This library is based on a well-known Asphyre framework, supersedes all previous releases and is under continuous development.
Multiple desktop and mobile platforms are supported, along with native hardware support for compact singleboard computers including devices such as Raspberry PI, Intel Galileo, BeagleBone Black among others.

For desktop applications, multiple providers are available including OpenGL, DirectX 7, DirectX 9 and DirectX 11 for displaying real-time graphics, while mobile and singleboard applications can take advantage of OpenGL ES provider. In addition, fully compliant Software Rendering is provided that can be used both on desktop, mobile and singleboard devices.

Support for Raspberry PI

Support for Intel Galileo and Edison

General support for SingleBoard computers

Other Features



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