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14-9-2017 6:31:07 Sternas Stefanos: For sample, pl_SynapseVS is limited to Linux
we must write new code
14-9-2017 6:31:29 Sternas Stefanos: Thanks
14-9-2017 6:32:46 Mont Blanc: I believe that codetyphon with caution is an extremely powerful product
14-9-2017 6:33:28 Sternas Stefanos: We know that
Many companies use CT, but we have limited feedback :S
14-9-2017 6:33:29 Mont Blanc: It does a lot, but new users find it difficult to understand philosophy
14-9-2017 6:34:04 Sternas Stefanos: We have the same problem with new programmers here
14-9-2017 6:34:30 Sternas Stefanos: Programming need years...
14-9-2017 6:34:43 Sternas Stefanos: Real programming
14-9-2017 6:34:46 Mont Blanc: all production management is done with lazarus on raspberry, where I work
14-9-2017 6:35:16 Mont Blanc: you want some photos of the product?
14-9-2017 6:35:21 Sternas Stefanos: I think It's a good choice
14-9-2017 6:35:35 Sternas Stefanos: Yes Yes
14-9-2017 6:41:25 Mont Blanc: you have a personal mail
14-9-2017 6:41:58 Mont Blanc: I have permission to send you photos
14-9-2017 7:02:52 Sternas Stefanos: Yes to
Our lab has Security level 5 (Mil-5000)
14-9-2017 7:03:50 Sternas Stefanos: we don't have personal emails...:_(
16-9-2017 6:45:17 Mont Blanc: next week i send you
17-9-2017 17:41:55 Matis A.: OK
26-9-2017 18:48:27 Sternas Stefanos: We release LAB CodeTyphon Studio Ver 6.30 Revision 006230 BETA1
Please test, report and have fun
30-9-2017 3:19:02 skull auc: hello ) why dont u add built-in import / export / conversion of lazarus projects? there is for delphi but not for lazarus, one has to dl and use inconvenient 3rd party app (avra ct2laz)
30-9-2017 3:21:14 Sternas Stefanos: We use CTCenter for that Sir
30-9-2017 3:28:26 skull auc: oh. thank u. but why it is called old CT and not lazarus? i v seen this in menu, but had no idea it deals with lazarus
and why dont u place it with delphi in tools menu ?
30-9-2017 3:29:07 skull auc: it would be more logical
30-9-2017 3:30:21 skull auc: and it would be very nice if there would be also export, not only import
30-9-2017 3:34:25 Sternas Stefanos: This process Not finished. We make changes and in Lab CT ver 6.30
30-9-2017 3:36:23 skull auc: can i help u? is that issue with synapse still persisting? i m not really very good at programming, but i admire CT and you and would be very glad to be of any help )
30-9-2017 3:37:49 skull auc: and btw - would u like to add castle3d package in the new version? it would be very nice )
30-9-2017 3:37:59 Sternas Stefanos: please more help for the problem ?
30-9-2017 3:38:01 skull auc: :-)
30-9-2017 3:39:42 skull auc: 14-9-2017 8:31:07 Sternas Stefanos: For sample, pl_SynapseVS is limited to Linux
we must write new code
30-9-2017 3:39:58 Sternas Stefanos: we remove Castle3D library form CT at version 5.10....
30-9-2017 3:40:12 skull auc: why???
30-9-2017 3:40:14 Sternas Stefanos: Oh yes
30-9-2017 3:40:34 Sternas Stefanos: We make some fixes but we want help ....
30-9-2017 3:41:01 skull auc: what can i do?
30-9-2017 3:41:25 Sternas Stefanos: pl_SynapseVS in LAB 6.3 has and vswebsocket.pas
30-9-2017 3:42:01 Sternas Stefanos: it's not so simple to port Windows code to Unix... :S
30-9-2017 3:42:20 skull auc: btw - castle3d seems to be quite a nice library and is alive, not dead or abandoned project
30-9-2017 3:42:46 Sternas Stefanos: Yes but has big problems
30-9-2017 3:43:01 skull auc: for example?
30-9-2017 3:43:43 skull auc: very interesting information, i am choosing now for my project between glscene and castle3d
30-9-2017 3:44:24 skull auc: i would appreciate such an information very much
30-9-2017 3:45:09 Sternas Stefanos: No samples, No Linux tests, No FreeBSD tests, No Solaris tests etc
the API changed without compatibility to old versions
30-9-2017 3:45:42 Sternas Stefanos: Sir we have so many 3D libraries in CT now
30-9-2017 3:47:40 skull auc: hm, i v seen only opengl and glscene, which one would u recommend? if i may ask )
30-9-2017 3:48:54 skull auc: and where can i DL lab 6.3 ?
30-9-2017 3:51:08 skull auc: or i should just DL CT 6.2 and take that .pas from there?
30-9-2017 3:51:24 Sternas Stefanos: GlScene it's a Terra 3D Library,
you can find more 3D libraries here:
Oh, for LOW LOW level you can use and pl_Vulkan
30-9-2017 3:51:49 skull auc: thank u very much
30-9-2017 3:51:56 skull auc: , sir )
30-9-2017 3:52:41 Sternas Stefanos: Sir it's time for my first coffee...:)
have a nice day..
30-9-2017 3:52:51 Sternas Stefanos: :)
30-9-2017 3:56:39 skull auc: have a nice day and a nice coffee, sir ))
2-10-2017 7:32:47 Edgar Rodríguez: Hi, maybe anybody can help here?
2-10-2017 7:33:29 Edgar Rodríguez: Project / New Project...
Select LWS CGI Application
Project / Project Inspector...
Add pl_zmsql
inside the project on the uses clause, add ZMConnection and ZMQueryDataSet.

Voilá... Error while linking

Any Ideas why is this error here?
2-10-2017 14:16:43 YaoLab: hi
2-10-2017 14:18:46 YaoLab: So... maybe anybody can help here too !
2-10-2017 14:19:47 YaoLab: I am looking for a spelling checker for Codetyphon or Lazarus.
2-10-2017 14:35:24 YaoLab: nobody can help ?
2-10-2017 17:59:44 Sternas Stefanos: We are here Sir
2-10-2017 18:00:34 Sternas Stefanos: We don't know any spelling checking library
3-10-2017 2:45:04 mas steindorff: does anyone here know how to install QT?
3-10-2017 4:30:38 Sternas Stefanos: Please Sir, Post to our forum with more info
6-10-2017 20:15:10 skull auc: trying to install CT 6.20 on win 7, running install.bat, it says "requires admin privileges" although i run it as admin
6-10-2017 20:15:41 skull auc: and in linux mint 18.2 cinnamon i can run typhon only as root - why???
6-10-2017 20:17:02 skull auc: any ideas?
8-10-2017 6:20:46 Sternas Stefanos: We release LAB CodeTyphon Studio Ver 6.30 Revision 006240 BETA2
Please test, report and have fun
13-10-2017 5:18:48 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] Update pl_Cindy library
13-10-2017 18:49:33 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] ADD pl_OpenGLADV (Advance) package to Typhon IDE Components System
16-10-2017 5:04:25 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] ADD ds_FpcFreeVision_IDE package to Typhon IDE Components System
17-10-2017 17:12:29 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] ADD/Update Support for PCLinuxOS 2017-07
18-10-2017 16:07:29 Kristijan Krstevski: Hello i need some assistance with an app im working on. Cant find a solution any were. I'm using the newest codetyphon big IDE installation on windows 10 64 bit. The question i have is how to make an application go full screen on any display and scale it accordingly. I know hot to make it full screen and scale the components to the dpi but its still a little sloppy my problem is the components stay the same distance apart and they keep the same position as the starting one. I cant get it to work any how please help. Thanks in advance.
18-10-2017 18:09:13 Matis A.: Sir dpi support is under DEV in CT core system
18-10-2017 18:12:26 Matis A.: My suggestion is to use "code" at run time if "default view" is not correct.
18-10-2017 20:25:26 Kristijan Krstevski: I dont thing you understood my issue i basically need help to make a Multi-Resolution Applications in codetyphon. Any tips?
20-10-2017 3:04:59 Matis A.: Please Sir
post to our forum
24-10-2017 17:34:14 Klaus Riesterer: Will the Typhon IDE synchronized with the Lazarus IDE so we can provide from new functionality?
25-10-2017 3:05:38 Sternas Stefanos: Yes and NO Sir. Typhon IDE has it's own road now...
26-10-2017 15:38:58 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] CT ADD Support for Ubuntu 17.10 (MultiArch)
26-10-2017 15:39:15 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] CT ADD Support for MacOS High Sierra (10.13)
27-10-2017 4:14:10 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] CT Update pl_ECControls to Ver 6.3.1 (Internal version
27-10-2017 7:41:52 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] Prepering Lab CodeTyphon version 6.30 Rev 006250 RC
ETA 1 day
27-10-2017 20:01:45 Sternas Stefanos: We release LAB CodeTyphon Studio Ver 6.30 Revision 006250 RC1
Please test, report and have fun
30-10-2017 16:50:03 Randall G. Garcia C: Hello sternas
30-10-2017 16:51:48 Randall G. Garcia C: any idea why this error "EZSQLException 0 record(s) updated. Only one record should have been updated", I do not understand what originates it
31-10-2017 4:16:10 Sternas Stefanos: Please Sir post to our forum
31-10-2017 18:23:16 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] CT ADD Support for OpenIndiana Hipster 2017.10
2-11-2017 11:08:18 Paolo Ghizzoni: Hi, I've encountered a little problem about CEST to CET conversion.
2-11-2017 11:10:39 Paolo Ghizzoni: When changing the CEST in CET time (italy) the function NOW reply me always the CEST time (+2 hours). Rebooting the software, the NOW is correct (only +1 hour). This is true only for LINUX system
2-11-2017 11:12:47 Paolo Ghizzoni: Looking into the libraries, seem that the "Tzseconds" variable (defined into unixutil unit) is no more updated after the program run.
2-11-2017 17:47:15 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] CT ADD pl_SDL2 package to Typhon IDE Components System
15-11-2017 5:18:32 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] CT ADD pl_OpenGLES package to Typhon IDE Components System.
Auto-Build from Khronos OpenGLES registry files like pl_Vulkan package.
15-11-2017 5:21:17 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] CT total reconstruct pl_OpenGL package
ctGL file now Auto-Build from Khronos OpenGL registry files (gl.xml,glx.xml,wgl.xml) like pl_Vulkan package.
15-11-2017 5:23:18 Sternas Stefanos: and pl_OpenGLES package (gl.xml, egl.xml)
20-11-2017 11:32:43 Administrator: We release CodeTyphon 6.30. Have fun...
20-11-2017 11:33:10 Sternas Stefanos: Yes Yes Yes :)
8-12-2017 16:37:13 Sternas Stefanos: We release LAB CT 6.40 Rev 006310
Please test and report
12-12-2017 14:36:17 matias: hi, i need to do a program that show if a number is prime. Can anyone help me? :)

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